Tequila 29 Two Nine Blanco

tequila 29 blanco
By Ryan Kelley | 03.21.11
Highly Recommended


  • NOM 1499 – Casa Tequilera de Arandas, S.A. de C.V. in the highlands of Arandas. (This distillery is also home to Mejor Tequila, Jurado Tequila, and 3 Amigos Tequila.)
  • ABV is 38% (76 proof) but will be sold in the U.S. at 40% (80 proof).
  • Agave is grown in Arandas and owned by the brand. The brand does not buy agave from multiple sources or other regions.
  • Tasted March 2011 using a Riedel tequila glass.

Tasting NotesTequila 29

Clean and clear in the glass with a medium body. It has a great grassy smell that is a nice lead-in to the sweet smell of cooked agave. There are very faint scents of bell pepper, citrus, and peppercorn. The juice is thin and slightly oily on entry with a strong citrus and honey character. There’s a little dance of lemongrass followed by buttery, grassy-agave that’s accented with a slight bitterness. It has a decent finish – creamy and grassy, with strong citrus (grapefruit-like) aftertaste.

Cocktail Note: Tequila 29 is a terrific mixer, but be careful not to hide the grassy character with too many mixers. This is a very margarita-friendly tequila, but also perfectly acceptable as a sipper.

Rating: 8.0 – Highly Recommended

More about Tequila 29 Two Nine

Tequila 29 Two Nine is, according to their Facebook page, the work of young Mexican entrepreneurs who want to deliver “the new face of a modern, cosmopolitan, elegant and youthful Mexico,” and “give the world a better image of Mexico.” The name is supposed to evoke the word “tonight,” but with so many other tequilas with numbers (901, 1942, 1921, etc.), the association is somewhat of a stretch. Nevertheless, there is a modern highlands flavor here combined with elegance in style and taste that carries over into the brand logo, marketing, and wine-like bottle shape.

Brand owner Alberto Rubio admits, “We don’t claim that we have the years and decades of experience and family tradition, not at all.” To make up for this, Rubio and his colleagues turned to one of the industry’s leading tasting experts, Tequila Master and Sommelier Ana María Romero to develop the right flavor and aroma for their brand. Rubio adds, “We have a different perspective; we want to show something different, original and new for all the people that have a young spirit.” Perhaps it is not a coincidence that there is no añejo in this lineup?

The brand’s slogan is, “We Want to Change the Rules of the Game.” Sold exclusively in Mexico (Cancun, Monterrey, Aguascalientes, Guadalajara and Los Cabos) as of publication, but seeking distribution in the U.S., we can’t say Tequila 29 is a game-changer yet. The brand is generating a lot of buzz via the Internet. “We strongly believe in the power of social media such as Twitter and Facebook,” Rubio says, and the brands goal is to build and maintain a solid relationship with costumers and tequila aficionados until it can expand throughout North America and Europe.

Connect with Tequila 29 Two Nine on Twitter and Facebook. More information can also be found online at www.casaxplendor.com.

Disclosure statement: This item was solicited for review. Products are reviewed with objectivity and professionalism wherever and however they were acquired.

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