Vinazas: The Environmental Impact of the Growth of the Tequila Industry

Vinazas: The Environmental Impact of the Growth of the Tequila Industry
Vinazas: The Corpse of the Spirit of Mexico, by M.A. “Mike” Morales


Are tequila drinkers killing the environment?

There is most certainly a negative impact on one of Mexico’s most beautiful environments.

Not all tequila drinkers are contributing to this though.  In fact, by choosing your brands wisely, you will not only have a much better tasting experience, but you’ll be supporting ecologically responsible farming and distilling of this treasured spirit of Mexico.  Click here to read more.

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Tequila Production is Ruining Nearby Land

In the Mexico town of Tequila, Jalisco, where the popular liquor is made, a little-known mess is being made of the land surrounding the distilleries.

For every liter of Tequila produced, ten liters of hot, liquid waste (called vinaza) and five to six kilograms of agave plant remnants (known as bagasse) are illegally disposed of.  Click here to read morein Hispanically Speaking News.

MEXICO: Tequila Leaves Environmental Hangover

MEXICO CITY, Aug 7 2009 (IPS) – Tequila, part of the national identity of Mexico, is invariably present at family celebrations and national holidays. But many are unaware of the bitter taste the tequila industry leaves in the water and soil.  Click here to read more at TerraAmerica.

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