Montalvo Blanco Tequila Review

montalvo tequila, montalvo varietals, blanco, reposado, anejoWe have a rare treat for you today! Instead of just one Sipping off the Cuff episode, we have two!

In our first episode, Mike and Alex begin by tasting Montalvo Blanco Tequila in the Reidel Tequila Glass.

Our next episode follows with a second tasting of Montalvo Blanco, but this time it is poured through a Vinturi Spirit Aerator into a Reidel Tequila Glass.

You may be surprised at the difference the aerator makes.

On with the show!

montalvo blanco


Do you use the Reidel Tequila Glass when tasting tequila? Do you use the Vinturi Spirit Aerator? Feel free to share your thoughts on one, the other or both in the comments section below. If you’d like to provide a full review of Montalvo Blanco, the Reidel Tequila Glass, or the Vinturi Spirit Aerator, we’d love to read and/or watch it! Please see our Guest Contributors Page here for information on how to submit your reviews.

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