Cerritos Anejo Tequila Review

Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss Cerritos Anejo.

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The Cerritos Tequila Process is at the core of the value of our products. While many Tequila companies use ‘first time’ burned casks to make their tequila, the way the cask is burned has an influence on the nuances of the end result.
 Antonio Cordova, the founder of Cerritos Tequila saw a value in the wood smoke influence in the flavor of his Tequila, so he bought 1000 French Oak Barrels, took apart and burned the first one using the coals to burn the next 20 casks. He continued this process until all 1000 barrels had been burned to his satisfaction, absorbing the smoke and flavors of the French Oak. This traditional method creates a charcoal filtration in the distillarion process that  filters out all of the “bad stuff”, so you can enjoy a whole bottle of Cerritos Tequila Anejo without the hangover!
Creating the perfect barrel relys on a slow heat up process until it reaches the flash point of the wood which takes about 20 minutes. All the wood explodes and burns at the same time; we then turn the barrel over in the ground to smother the fire giving a perfect 1 to 2 inch burn throughout the barrel. Reassembling  the barrels using bamboo leaves between the wood slats to seal the barrels so they hold the Tequila and do not leak. A very old process that can be deemed as expensive and laborious, but follows the traditions of Tequila distillation, resulting in what can only be called Cerritos 100% Pure Agave Tequila; an exceptional exprience!
Antonio Cordova, a real estate professional with a discerning taste for the ultimate in lifestyle experiences, saw an opportunity to blend his love of surfing with his love of Tequila by creating the Cerritos Beach Club & Surf in Cerritos Beach, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Building what can only be called the Ultimate Surfer and Luxury Destination, the Cerritos Beach Club & Surf Condominiums, and incorporating the Beach Club and what will soon be an onsite Tequila Museum. Antonio has thought of everything including a full time 5 star chef, impeccable service staff, mixologists and a premium property that will leave you breathless.
Let the Cerritos Sprit move you to a place that is nothing short of exceptional!

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