Avion Espresso Mochamisu

  mochamisu, avion espresso, coffee liqueurAvion Espresso Mochamisu

This was a ridiculously quick and easy dessert to put together but it turned out to be quite rich and delicious.


mochamisu, avion espresso, coffee liqueur, tiramisuIngredients:


Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding (prepared)

Vanilla Cool Whip

6 Ladyfingers Cookies

Avion Espresso


mochamisu, avion espresso, coffee liqueur, tiramisuOnce you’ve assembled your ingredients, pour yourself a glass of Avion Espresso and enjoy.

When you’re ready to start, pour some Avion Espresso in the bottom of a bowl.  Not too much though – I got a little overzealous and really soaked the heck out of those ladyfingers.  (They’re baked sponges!)

Soak (lightly) several of the ladyfingers in the espresso, turning to get both sides.  Not too long – like I said…little sponges.

I used a small glass dish because I was only making a small Mochamisu.  You could easily make a 9”x11” pan of this for 12 servings with the ingredients you have assembled.

mochamisu, avion espresso, coffee liqueur, tiramisuLine the bottom of the pan with the soaked ladyfingers, spacing them about an inch apart.

Once you have the bottom covered, alternate dollops of chocolate pudding and cool whip to cover the ladyfingers, spacing them slightly.  Using a large spoon or spatula, spread the pudding & cream, creating a marbled effect and covering all the gaps.

Repeat with another layer of ladyfingers and pudding/cream.

mochamisu, avion espresso, coffee liqueur, tiramisu
Of course you can also get fancy and build a beauty like this…


Once you’ve smoothed the top layer, again creating a slightly marbled effect, cover the pan and refrigerate for an hour to set.

Serve with a glass of coffee or Avion Espresso and enjoy!

Bon appétit!

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For more information on Avion Espresso, visit Avion online.



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