TequilaRack and the Tequila Aficionado Flight of Sites

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We are pleased to announce the addition of TequilaRack to our Tequila Aficionado Flight of Sites

TEQUILARACK™ is a constantly evolving, handpicked collection of Mexico’s finest 100% Agave Micro Tequilas. In addition to Tequila Aficionado and TequilaRack’s authoritative learning resources, this product enables you to buy the perfect Tequila Aficionado starter kit.

tequilarackTequilaRack is the perfect study set for that friend you managed to get to stop shooting tequila who now wants to learn more about it.

TequilaRack will set you on the road to learning about how the flavor variations come from the differences in the soil within the appellation of origin where the Weber Blue Agaves are grown, as well as the kinds of water and yeast used in the distillation process and the length of time and types of barrels used for aging. The color of each brand depends on how long it has been aged and what type of barrel was used. These differences all combine to give an array of flavors, aromas, textures and mouth-feels to the TequilaRack collection of Mexico’s finest Tequilas.  This is a perfect gift for both novices and experienced aficionados.  Just look at what each kit includes:



As part of our new collaboration with TequilaRack, over the next several weeks, you’ll see much of their quality content moving to the Tequila Aficionado website.  We’ll be working in conjunction with TequilaRack to help inform tequila aficionados about the benefits of this product as well as sharing the great resources available to our readers at www.TequilaRack.com.  You just can’t find a better Tequila 101 primer than the information found at www.TequilaRack.com and, once you’ve learned all about the basics there and put your own TequilaRack kit to use, you’ll be well versed and ready to share your thoughts and tastings here with us at Tequila Aficionado.


We hope you’ll visit TequilaRack.com and find a retailer near you so you can get the perfect gift for a friend (or from Santa) this holiday season.  As soon as TequilaRack kits are available online, you’ll see the announcement here!

In the meantime, look for more announcements about our new partnerships and collaborative efforts with more of the finest tequila culture resources in 2014.



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