Suerte Tequila – A Tequila Aficionado Brand of Promise Nominee

Suerte tequila

Suerte Tequila 2013 Brand of Promise Nominee

Suerte Tequila co-founders, Laurence Spiewak & Lance Sokol,

and Master Distiller, Pedro Hernandez Barba explain the story

of their brand and the process that’s used to produce it.



Read Ryan Kelly’s review and tasting notes on Suerte Blanco here.


Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss the complete line of Suerte tequilas in this episode of Sipping off the Cuff:


Suerte Tequilas have been carefully handcrafted to appeal to today’s modern Tequila drinker while maintaining a high level of authenticity. During production, our Master Distiller uses traditional methods such as low temperature, slow cooking and use of a Tahona to create a truly unique Tequila. Of equal importance is the pure spring water that infuses every sip of our value premium brand. At Suerte Tequila we believe in providing a true artisanal Tequila experience while pushing the boundaries of this traditional Mexican spirit.

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