Valentine’s Day for Tequila Lovers

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Valentine’s Day is this Friday. Are you prepared?

If you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate as a tequila lover or as the lover of a tequila lover, we have plenty of great ideas for you on our special Valentine’s Day for Tequila Lovers Pinterest Board!

For Tequila Lovers

If you’re shopping for a tequila lover or just planning a special evening, our Pinterest Pinboard on Valentine’s Day for Tequila Lovers should give you sufficient inspiration.

For Lovers of Tequila Lovers

If you’re hoping to introduce that special someone in your life to the joys of 100% agave tequilas but they just don’t smell the magic yet, we’ve got a few tips for pairings that will help them understand the spirit of Mexico that we love so dearly.

If you’re planning to buy a special bottle of tequila for your Valentine, consider some of our favorites like organic Alquimia, the genie bottles of T1 tequila, the magic of Mozart in Casa Noble, classic Tapatio 110, or the name that says it all, Amor Mio.

Want to make a homemade Valentine’s gift with extra love thrown in?  Try some of the Latin Kitchen’s recipes that pair brilliantly with tequilas like Chocolate Chile Almond Bark, Besitos de Coco, Coconut Cream Filled Strawberries or Raspberry Walnut Mexican Fudge.  We have links to those and more on this special Valentine’s Day Pinboard.

Are you thinking of purchasing one of those ultra special edible gifts?  Consider Limarita Tequila Lime Sorbet or Tequila & Lime Truffles made with Avion Silver from Victorian Truffles.

If you’re putting together a romantic evening at home for two, consider some simple pairings for your sipping enjoyment like oranges sprinkled with cinnamon, Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange or a sliced jicama.

All of these and more ideas for your Valentine’s Day are explored in our Valentine’s Day for Tequila Lovers Pinboard.


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