Demetrio Blanco Review by Steve Coomes

demetrio blanco Growing up in Bourbon Country (I live in Louisville, Ky.), you get used to seeing squat bottles of brown Kentucky Nectar on bars and retailers’ shelves. Even the rare long-neck containers aren’t usually tall, especially compared to some tequila bottles. That marks the first reason I like the trio of Demetrio tequila expressions I acquired this year.

From foot to stopper top, each package is 14 inches tall, a height that keeps them in the front row on my liquor closet shelves. (Sure, it’s a stretch to say this, but its long neck and slender, tight shouldered figure reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” but I’m a visual guy.)

The fact is, they’re too tall to go in the back. Like attention seeking children, they stick out among the class of other spirits in the two-tiered closet, forever out of their seat, eager to be seen first.

demetrio blanco, audrey hepburnNot that I consider that a problem for the blanco. Whether sipped neat or coursing through a cocktail, it’s an expression you notice: intensely fruity up front with a nice mid-palate tingle followed by a super-clean finish. Sour mix is a bit heavy for this expression, but it plays nicely with tropical fruit juices.

It boasts a spicy nose, but it’s not assertive with pepper. I got lots of agua miel, agave and honey, even an interesting touch of acetone with several long draws. Long after my glass was empty, it still gave off a back note of yeast, mint and even a hint of strawberry. Very cool!

It’s an easy sipper: lean and light bodied, but leaving no question that it’s been in your mouth many minutes after swallowing. (Get the most out of the aftertaste by closing your mouth and exhaling through your nose. You’ll get some really rich agave and vegetal flavors.)

Back to the bottle: I really like the smooth wooden stopper, which fits so snugly I have thump it to reinsert its rubber cork back into the bottle. That’s handy not only for preservation of the spirit, but in the event such a tall, small-footed bottle tips over (it can happen during extended tasting), there’s no fear of spillage.

My lone quibble: The bottle tag carries good descriptive information about Demetrio, but as a 49-year-old wearer of bifocals, it’s a challenge to read.

Especially after a few tastes.

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stephen coomes, steve coomes,Tequila Aficionado is proud to welcome rising star in tequila and travel journalism, Stephen Coomes, as a Contributing Writer and Reviewer.  His steady gigs include roles as contributing editor for Nation’s Restaurant News (the U.S. restaurant industry’s largest publication), restaurant critic and feature writer for Louisville magazine, feature writer for Edible Louisville and Seafood Business magazines, Kentucky travel and dining contributor for Southern Living, and dining blogger for Insider Louisville. He also writes marketing, PR, web copy and ghostwrites for numerous private clients.  You can visit Steve online at

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