Mexican Flag Day: Banderas

 Feliz Dia de la Bandera!

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Flag Day in Mexico is a “day dedicated to one of the most important patriotic symbols of Mexico, which gives the spirit of unity and belonging to Mexicans either within or outside of the country: the Flag.”





So today we celebrate the bandera!

The flag of the country responsible for the spirit we love and the spirit itself as a tribute drink.  Grito!



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Why Banderas?

The Bandera drink is inspired by the colors of the Mexican flag.  Though we never recommend the shooting of tequila, today we must make an exception.  The Bandera drink is served in a series of three shot glasses consisting of fresh lime juice (to represent the Mexican Flag’s green stripe), tequila (to represent the white stripe), and sangrita (representing the red stripe).  Each serving requires 1-ounce each of lime juice, tequila, and sangrita.
We highly recommend Lucinda Hutson’s World Renowned Sangrita recipe.  You can find it by clicking here.


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