National Geographic Talks Tequila

The Education of a Tequila Drinker

As we explore some educational topics in tequila for those new to the spirit, we find this National Geographic video an interesting overview of tequila production even though it is fairly general and obviously slanted toward Jose Cuervo.

What National Geographic Doesn’t Say

And now for the educational portion:

Those new to tequila should understand that although there is a basic “recipe”, so to speak, for tequila, there can be many differences in the production process that lead to a wide variety of flavors in the final bottled product.  Some of the differences include whether a distiller uses a modern autoclave or a stone oven to cook the pinas, whether they use a shredder or a tahona, whether they ferment the tequila in stainless steel or wood barrels, and whether they age the tequila and, if so, what they age it in.  As Mike Morales likes to say, “there is one way to make it and a thousand ways to tweak it”.

So, consider this overview video but please understand that not all tequilas are made the same and none of the good ones are made like Jose Cuervo Especial.

Click here to watch the video on National Geographic.



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