2013 Brands of Promise Award Winning Anejos

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Amor Mio Anejo

GOLD 2013anejo gold qrcode








Amor Mio is the 2013 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Gold Medal winner in the Anejo category.

Tequila Amor Mío was conceived from the idea of spreading this to the world, using two words and a product that consists of everything that Mexico brings about and is made of. The bottle is a blend of the art of glass blowing and pottery, two typical handcrafts recognized within the nation and worldwide, while its content is Mexico’s most popular drink: tequila, which, in turn, represents the country’s history. This is how Tequila Amor Mío was born.

And because of this Tequila Amor Mío is much more than history, art and tradition: it is a symbol of love for Mexico.


amor mio anejo

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Suerte Anejo


anejo silver qrcode








Suerte is the 2013 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Silver Medal winner in the Anejo category.

Suerte Añejo rests in White Oak bourbon barrels for 24 months, twice as long as the industry standard.  A complex and full-bodied flavor is sure to please all palates.  A moderate oak presence, with hints of berry, chocolate, and mint complement the underlying essence of the Agave.  We recommend you serve Suerte Añejo in a wine glass and enjoy in the company of good friends.



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Toro Dorado Anejo


anejo bronze qrcode








Toro Dorado is the 2013 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Bronze Medal winner in the Anejo category.

Añejo: our vintage batch. Aged in government-sealed barrels of no more than 350 liters for a minimum of a year to up to eight or ten, our Toro Dorado AЦejo is highly sophisticated, masterfully-crafted, and designed for slow, contemplative sipping.



toro dorado anejo

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