2013 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise, Best Packaging

2013 Brands of Promise for Best Packaging

The first annual Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Awards are here! See the 2013 nominees and find out who the big winners were for their creative, classic and innovative packaging.

Thank you to all the brands who sent in their samples for reviews on Sipping Off The Cuff.

Look for Best in Show coming tomorrow!

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Amor Mio

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GOLD 2013








Tequila Amor Mío was conceived from the idea of spreading this to the world, using two words and a product that consists of everything that Mexico brings about and is made of. The bottle is a blend of the art of glass blowing and pottery, two typical handcrafts recognized within the nation and worldwide, while its content is Mexico’s most popular drink: tequila, which, in turn, represents the country’s history. This is how Tequila Amor Mío was born.

And because of this Tequila Amor Mío is much more than history, art and tradition: it is a symbol of love for our country.

Our bottles are made and hand painted by skilled artisans.

Majolica Pottery was brought to Mexico by the Spanish in the sixteenth century. Since then, the mexican potters adapted it to their taste, creating a distinct style, both fresh and spontaneous. Its preparation technique, the ancient forms used, the type of decoration and, in general, the manual process itself, makes this the only craft ceramic that —once disappeared— has come to rescue with all the features that gave life to it centuries ago.

We recover our crafts and traditions.

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Blue Nectar


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A good tequila requires a connoisseur’s eye. A great tequila, an artist’s touch. Blue Nectar® Tequila began with a simple, driving passion to create small-batch artisan tequila products with flavors uniquely their own, yet universally renowned.

It starts with our Maestro Jimadors, who patiently walk the blue agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico, hand selecting each plant that will be cooked and pressed to release the tantalizing juices held within. It continues with our Maestro Tequilero who carefully oversees the crafting of our three 100% blue agave expressions. His efforts can be seen in each of the three distillations that ensure Blue Nectar Silver achieves clean, crisp perfection. His ingenuity can be tasted in the delicate blend of reposado and limited production extra añejo tequila that creates Blue Nectar Reposado. And his skill can be admired during the infusion of spices to a relaxed, bourbon-barrel-aged tequila to craft the rich, layered flavor of Blue Nectar Special Reserve.

This is respect for the ingredients and love of the craft. This is premium tequila honed by devout connoisseurs and interpreted by gifted artisans. This is tradition redefined.


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Find Cabeza online:





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