2013 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise, Best In Show

2013 Brands of Promise for Best In Show

The first annual Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Awards announcements are finally over.  We finish with the awards for the tequilas that proved to be Best in Show.  So many excellent brands were nominated for the 2013 Brands of Promise Awards but only 3 could be awarded medals for Best in Show.

Thank you to all the brands who sent in their samples for reviews on Sipping Off The Cuff.  Entry is currently open for the 2014 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Awards, so get your samples in to us soon.  2014 promises to be a very full year and we may even have tougher competition than last year, but we feel up to the challenge if you are!




GOLD 2013

BIS Gold qrcode

suerte-anejo, best in show

Find Suerte online:






BIS Silver qrcode


tap110, best in show

Find Tapatio online:






Viva Mexico

BIS Bronze qrcode


viva mexico, best in show

Find Viva Mexico online:






Congratulations to all of the 2013 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Award Winners.  We enjoyed every last sip!

Thank you for joining us.  You can look forward to new episodes of Sipping Off The Cuff coming next week when we begin announcing nominees for the 2014 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Awards.

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