Whispering Eye Blanco Tequila Review

Whispering Eye – A Brand of Promise?

Not for the girls in wet tee shirts!

Find out why Tequila Aficionado’s Mike Morales & Alex Perez nominated this Blanco for the 2014 Brands of Promise Awards.

About Whispering Eye

Brand Story – Somewhere deep in the heart of the Highlands of Jalisco, if you listen closely you can here it! The Agave, a lily plant, opens its leaves, cracking, popping, it breaths by night; conserving energy and water. The EYE, (the fruit or pina) is growing, maturing and ripening to perfection. According to the old-timers (the farmers) each lily is chanting or WHISPERING to its neighboring plants. A village of agave living in harmony, waiting to become the next premium TEQUILA.

Harvested through the nocturnal eye of the whispering agave within the highlands surrounding the city of Arandas, Mexico – the sweet and complex flavors of Whispering Eye Tequila accentuate the blue agave’s natural and unspoiled nectar. Expertly hand-pruned and trimmed, while removing the base of each branch completely to alleviate any bitter or sour notes – the tequila region’s sweeter than honey flavored agave pinas produce more succulence. The pinas roast in an oven through various times and temperatures, to create the multiple tones that tantalize the taste buds. Peacefully cradled through a gravity-fed distillation process without the use of pumps or motors within a 70,000 sq. ft. state of the art distillery – the tequila finishes through a custom filter before resting, resulting in a distinctively smooth premium blanco or reposado.


From the Whispering Eye Tequila Facebook Page (NSFW – Not Safe For Work!):

Whispering Eye Tequila: Designed and Refined as the Premium Sipping Tequila for Distinguished Women with Sophisticated Tastes; Worldwide!
Please Drink Responsibly!
“You’ll Never Forget Your First” The Eye.
Mission: Deliver the smoothest premium sipping tequila worldwide!
Company Overview: Founded by T2LJ Brands L.L.C. in San Antonio Texas
Description: Whispering Eye Tequila is a premium blanco tequila.
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