Gateway Tequilas Explained

What is a Gateway Tequila?

gateway tequila, dulce dorado, tequila“Gateway Tequila” is a term that is often used by Alex Perez and Mike Morales when describing infused, diffused, or otherwise altered tequilas.  In my education as a tequila drinker, I’ve tasted quite a few different tequilas.  Some were sugar-coated and lingered long after a sip while others were warm and dry with a long finish to savor.  I’ve come to the point in my own education where I enjoy the long, warm finish but some women (and men) still need a little something sweet as they learn to sip agave spirits.

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Everyone Starts Somewhere

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Alex Perez and Mike Morales explain here why, during Sipping Off The Cuff, they judge some tequilas to be “Gateway Tequilas”.


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