Don Fermin Reposado Tequila Review

Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss Don Fermin Reposado Tequila.

Here’s what they thought: “Caramel vanilla aftertaste” and, unenthusiastically, “a nice reposado”.


don ferminColor and Body: Clear tones of agave syrup, medium body.Aroma: a harmonious blend of vanilla, black olive, cooked agave and wood.

Taste: Slightly sweet with clear notes of apple, eucalyptus and oak.

Finish: Pleasingly warm spirit notes that are smooth on the palate, leaving behind a hint of sweetness.

About Don Fermin

Centrally located in Tequila, Jalisco distillery Leyros S.A. de C.V. is known as one of the six largest distilleries in Jalisco, Mexico. Leyros, born in the 21st century has introduced a manufacture process that departs dramatically from traditional tequila production.This innovative process is very friendly to the environment; it uses less than half the energy, and under 60% of the water normally required in traditional tequila making. Leyros produces some of the most premium tequila using only the best Highlands 100% Blue Weber Agave.

When distillery Leyros was first opened, it was opened with the idea to produce high Quality tequila for those needing those services. Leyros is known as we call in Spanish, Maquiladores (Producers). Leyros created many high quality brands for other brand owners. Family members and friends of the Leyros owners always questioned, why not have your Tequila? That’s when Tequila Don Fermín® was born, originally created to share with friends and family only. After great reviews from friends, family and Tequila aficionados from different parts of Mexico, Leyros owners decided to share their Ultra Premium Tequila with the world.

Named after one of the Leyros owners late grandfather, Don Fermín® sets the bar high for Ultra Premium Tequilas. Don Fermín® is made from the finest 100% Highland Blue Weber agave sourced from the rich earth of Los Altos region of Jalisco. Hand-selected at harvest for highest quality and peak ripeness, our plants yield the sweetest piñas, giving the tequila its abundant character and balance.

Don Fermíns beautiful bottle named “La Espiga” (The Spike) designed and named by late world renowned Mexican Architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, known for such work like Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. Tequila Don Fermín® although produced at one of the largest distilleries in Jalisco, is still know as a craft spirit. Don Fermín® only produced in small batches and our aged varieties also only aged in small batches, aged in New American white oak barrels.


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