What Would Mike Morales Do?

Let’s see…

Mike MoralesIf he were independently wealthy, Mike Morales would spend all of his time exploring the world’s tequila bars and interviewing interesting people.  He’d write thoughtful, thought provoking and cutting edge articles on Mexico, the tequila industry, and all that tequila culture entails.

Sadly, Mike isn’t independently wealthy and our site isn’t overrun with ads, so he has to work for a living while he writes for Tequila Aficionado on the side.  Yes, folks, Tequila Aficionado is a labor of love but love don’t put food on the table.  After being asked a few times, we thought we’d mention Mike’s day job.

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The Stars of the indie short film, Salt, Liquor, Lime. Mike Morales
Mike was a consultant to the indie film, “Salt, Liquor, Lime”.

Intimate Tequila Tastings


M.A. Mike Morales

CEO of Tequila Aficionado Media

Tequila Sensei

Agave Spirit Education, Information, and Fun

VIP Events:  (Keynote speeches)

Educational lectures and discussions at trade shows or public tequila tasting events focusing on current issues affecting the Tequila and Mezcal industries.  Interesting, informative, entertaining and enlightening.

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Tequila & Food Pairing Dinners:  (The Zen of Tequila)


Color, legs and tears. Mike MoralesCombine your menu favorites with quality tequilas or mezcals, along with enlightening information delivered in an entertaining manner, and you’ve created a special event.

  • Highlight your chef’s culinary skills.
  • Educate your customers.
  • Feature your exclusive agave based craft cocktails.
  • Give your customers a night out they won’t soon forget.
  • Put your restaurant, tequila or mezcal bar on the map.

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Team Meetings:  (Team Building)

Blind tequila tastings are one the most fun ways to build team cohesiveness among employees.  Designed to increase awareness as well as to enhance sensorial perception.

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Staff Trainings:

Mike Morales
Tequila, mezcal or sotol – Mike is knows them all.

Empower your people with knowledge and training.  From the basics of agave spirits to advanced techniques that up-sell any ticket, a trained and friendly staff is the key to increasing your sales.

  • Cultivate employee loyalty.
  • Minimize your turnover rate.
  • Upscale your service quality.
  • Increase your bottom line

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Private Parties:

Impress guests-of-honor and give a tequila tasting and educational talk on the Spirit of Mexico as a gift.  Get the real story behind some of your most favorite or iconic tequila brands.

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Experience the culture, history, and sensuality of the most misunderstood spirit.


After going over Mike’s calendar, we’ve realized that between family commitments, Sipping Off The Cuff filming, Last Tequila Standing post production, and prior bookings, he’s going to be very busy throughout the summer so if you’d like to request his services or a phone consultation and haven’t confirmed a date and time yet, you may want to do so now.

Email mike@intimatetequilatastings.com to schedule your tasting, training, consultation, or event soon.



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