Northwest Tequila Fest 2015

Unfortunate news for fans of the Northwest Tequila Fest.  Our hearts go out to our fellow aficionados and we hope to be there when they have their next Northwest Tequila Fest.


We started Northwest Tequila Fest in the Summer of 2012 because we love tequila and mezcal, and we think the world should too. From the beginning, the Fest has always been a true labor of love – spreading our passion about agave spirits while supporting our community and having a responsible good time.NWTF-logo1We very are proud that in three short years, the Fest has become recognized as one of the top-tier tequila and mezcal gatherings in North America, drawing aficionados not only from the Northwest, but as far as the Southwest and East Coast, and maestros tequileros all the way from Mexico. We’re far prouder of the fact that the Fest and its supporters have raised thousands of dollars for the Benevolent Guild, a Puget Sound non-profit assisting children’s charities.All of this has been made possible by countless hours donated by our peers, colleagues and friends in Seattle’s world-class cocktail scene, service industry and spirits industry. After the largest, most successful Fest thus far in 2014, this year has been one of ups and downs. One of the key members of our team accepted an opportunity to work in Asia. Another of our closest collaborators is now dealing with a serious medical situation in his immediate family. We are happy to say that the same people who have helped us to make the Northwest Tequila Fest a reality are now rallying around our friend and his family in their time of need.We are committed to producing the best possible festival we can, and given the challenges we are currently facing, we have decided to postpone the 2015 festival until we have the time and resources to do it right once again. We invite the community of tequila and mezcal brands, aficionados, and cocktail and hospitality professionals to join us when we return, more committed than ever.Thank you so much for supporting us, for loving agave spirits, and continuing to be the reason that our little festival ROCKS.Viva Tequila! Viva Mezcal!

-Jackie Moffett and Devlin McGill

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  Northwest Tequila Fest Benefits the Benevolent Guild of Seattle,

  a non-profit group committed to assisting children’s charities and

  support groups in the Puget Sound area.


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