Tequila Book Recommendations by Alex Perez

Originally posted on Tequila Aficionado May 6, 2003


The Book Of Tequila, by Bob Emmons

book o teq, Tequila Book“The most comprehensive resource on tequila in print.”–WINE & SPIRITS

“Emmons traces tequila’s origin from the agave plant, following the spirit step-by-step through harvesting, distillation, bottling, shipping, and distribution to America’s bars and restaurants. His history of tequila intertwines with the history of Mexico itself.”–BOOKLIST
Very highly recommended.



The Tequila Lovers Guide To Mexico, by Lance Cutler

teq lovers guide, Tequila Book“Cutler is as direct and earthy as tequila, writing of the spirit without artifice. If the book doesn’t prompt you to reserve a seat on the next flight to Guadalajara, it will at least teach you to approach your next sip of tequila with respect and savvy”
Mike Dunne, Sacramento Bee
Very highly recommended.



Classic Tequila
by Ian Wisniewski

classic-tequila_6070_r2, Tequila BookBooklist March 15, 1999
As this Classic Drinks installment proves, all that is needed to improve tequila’s unsavory, buzz-liquid image is a straightforward description of its history and methods of production. Nearly as valuable is a brand directory that describes each distiller’s differently aged bottlings. …wonderful visual aids. For the culinarily adventuresome, a chapter on matching tequila with food is suprisingly tantalizing. All said, it appears the current vogue for ‘super premium” tequila is legitimate, and this attractive, no-nonsense book should see demand. -Dane Carr-



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