Original Site Information from Tequila Aficionado

It’s interesting to see how far we come in the past 12 years since Alexander Perez posted the original site information for Tequila Aficionado.  The staff and address have changed, but our policies have not.  We still develop strategic partnerships, such as our Flight of Sites, and stand by our editorial policy.

Originally Posted on Tequila Aficionado July 3, 2003


Original Site Information

TequilaAficionado.com Magazine Staff

Alexander Perez: General Manager/Editor-In-Chief
Anthony Alfieri: Assistant General Manager/Editor
Myrna Gamez: Executive Editor
Hector Consuegra: Chief Technical Officer
Monica Añorve: Photography
Ron Cooper: Contributor/Columnist
Ian Chadwick: Contributor/Columnist
Charles Royston: Reporter/Guadalajara correspondent

Business Development

TequilaAficionado.com is interested in developing alliances and strategic partnerships on the Internet and with publications. Please contact us with your ideas on promotional programs, content sharing and co-branding. Contact Alexander Perez, alexp@tequilaaficionado.com

Information on Tasting

Distilleries, Importers or Distributors interested in submitting tequila or mezcal should send 1 bottle along with information and suggested retail price to:

TequilaAficionado Magazine
3245 Las Lunas Street
Pasadena, CA 91107

Our staff does not use unopened bottles for personal use.

Editorial Policy

TequilaAficionado.com maintains a strict policy of editorial independence. Editorial decisions – including story selection and content, listings and reviews – are not influenced by advertisers or outside sources. The majority of the tequila and mezcal are tasted blind and selected by TequilaAficionado.com staff based on their relevance to our readers. Aside from tequila and mezcal submitted for review, TequilaAficionado.com and its employees cannot accept gifts, products or other benefits.


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