Casa Chapala’s Ultimate Agave Challenge

Casa Chapala


Casa ChapalaHola dearest agave lovers!

Once again Casa Chapala’s Tequila Man, Lupe, has created another fantastic agave event that is downright outrageously fun!  It’s the Casa Chapala Ultimate Agave Challenge. Let’s just say you are going to get hooked! More info…

Ultimate Agave Challenge
Thursday, June 18th 7pm9pm
9041 Research Blvd #100, Austin, TX 78758

The Ultimate Agave Challenge will highten your senses with a mix of memorable activities and dashes of “funness” to brag proudly to your friends and family. 

Your Ultimate Agave Challenge includes:
Mixology Twist—Our incredible mixologists and Tequila Man at Casa Chapala will teach you how to make incredible cocktails! Take the recipes home, make it, and share it with others!

Ultimate Agave Game—Well the game is a secret. However, you will have a chance to win Austin Tequila Fest tickets and other big prizes. The more friends you bring the more chances you win.

Fresh Cocktails—Our Mixologists will create incredible fresh cocktails for you to savor, learn and share with others. 

Agave Tastings—We continue to partner up with top-notch agave brands to give you best of the best. Raise your glass and taste different agave flights from different distilleries. 

Hors d’oeuvre PairingsChef Lupe will treat you with his speciality Hors d’oeuvre pairings.

Since you are a member of the Austin Tequila Society please be sure to usediscount code: agavechallenge to receive $6 off your ticket!

Purchase your tickets here and use your discount code!

Salud amigos!
Lupe Barragan, The Tequila Man


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