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instagramWe’ve had so much going on here at Tequila Aficionado that we almost forgot to get our bi-weekly newsletters out to you.

No…wait…yes, we did forget.

So here’s a little Tequila News to catch you up in case you missed all the fun:

Continuing with our exploration of previous writings by Tequila Aficionado contributors, we found these oldies but goodies from M.A. “Mike” Morales:

Alexander Perez shared this one back in “the day” and it’s seen a recent resurgence:

And this one, also by Alex

Alvin Starkman provided a current, timely and very interesting look into mezcal production:

chicago trip, Tequila NewsWe also featured some very exciting Sipping Off The Cuff Episodes:

All of this happened while we were testing our chops at taking our show on the road:

Things worked out well on the road and we’ve decided to brave the treacherous heartland and head to Chicago in August.  If you’re looking for some great social media bang for your buck, check this out:





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