Riedel launches The Tequila Glass

From the Tequila Aficionado Vault Nov 27, 2001


Riedel Crystal, Quinta Real Hotel & Casa Noble Tequila host a private presentation of the official Tequila Glass as selected a few weeks ago in Austria.

George Riedel (10th Riedel Generation) discovered that the shape of the glass should be determined by the content, the correct choice of shape will enhance the taste of the wine or spirit. Therefore Riedel has developed distinctive glasses for specific wines and spirits to further the experience of the flavors. George Riedel’s recent project has been to develop the best glass to taste tequila. The selection process has finalized after months of tests by the Riedel Group and tastings by experts like Francisco Gonzalez (Tres Magueyes / Don Julio) and Carlos Hernandez (La Cofradia / Casa Noble) of the Tequila Industry Chamber.

On December 22, Riedel will be presenting the official tequila glass at the Quinta Real Hotel, to a number of special guests that will taste the Ultra Premium Casa Noble tequila. The event will be held in one of the elegant dinning rooms of the Quinta Real the best and more recognized hotels in Mexico, with traditional Mexican Style and Elegance. Casa Noble dedicated to producing exceptional tequila has been paired with Riedel in this even by offering its Casa Noble Reposado to be tasted in special Riedel glasses.
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