Last Tequila Standing: Adan y Eva Sinful Margarita


blanco, adan y eva

Adam and Eve have been the only privileged humans to live in Paradise, a place selected by God to bring together all of his Creation. By naming our Tequila “Adan y Eva”, we are committed to
offer our consumers a product with the authentic “Taste of Paradise”. Just as God created Adam and Eve united as one, we have also brought together the delicate flavor for the woman and bold for the man in this exquisite blend of Tequila.

Our tequila is handcrafted of 100% Blue Weber Agave, which is the only plant qualified to produce Tequila. Our Agave fields are located in the Highlands of Jalisco, situated in the outskirts of Jesus María, a small town near the city of Arandas, Jalisco.

Our tequila is processed in one of the few 100% Mexican Ownership distilleries in Mexico. We pride ourselves in utilizing the same traditional artisan methods dated back to many centuries ago. We invite you to give into temptation and indulge in your own Taste of Paradise.


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