Last Tequila Standing: Senor Rio Tequila




Senor Rio was born on Cinco De Mayo 2009 in Tequila, Mexico

Handled with white gloves, this quality tequila is proudly introduced by Jalisco International Imports, Inc. Queen Creek, AZ and its owners Debbie Medina and Jonathan Gach

Senor Rio was first introduced to Arizona as it arrived on May 29, 2009 and the first establishment who ordered Senor Rio was Juan Jamie’s tacos & tequila, Chandler, AZ

The bottle designed by Jonathan Gach was made to resemble a unique crystal decanter, definitely not your typical tequila bottle. It was also designed to be bartender friendly with a long sexy neck for easy pouring. The stopper, sometimes referred to as a chess piece, is also unique with the logo lasered into the glass stopper.

The cork is not a natural cork and it will not dry out and crumble into the tequila.

The name and logo are to honor Debbie’s father who gave them the process to make this ultra-premium tequila that dates back three generations in his family.

The taste is superb and Senor Rio has received rave reviews in blind taste tests among other ultra premium tequilas and is 100% natural.

Senor Rio’s bottle design received a bronze medal in the L.A. Wine and Spirits Competition for packaging in June 2009.

Señor Rio's presentation dresses up any occasion.Senor Rio’s Blanco tequila received a bronze medal at the Spirits of Mexico Competition in September 2009.

Senor Rio’s Anejo received a bronze medal in The San Francisco World Spirits Competition in May 2010.

During the fermentation process, we keep our tanks open so that the fragrance from the mango and various citrus trees that surround the distillery seep into the tequila naturally for that hint of tropical citrus.

The Blanco is very smooth with a hint of citrus that can be recognized on the back of the tongue.

The Reposado, which is aged for 6 months, is very complex. It has a natural sweetness and a hint of smokiness to it from resting in the French white oak barrels along with a little spice which comes from the rich red volcanic soil which the agave growns in located in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

The Anejo, which is aged for 2 years, has an earthier richness from the French white oak barrels and has been referred to as “The Cognac of Tequilas”. The exquisite taste lingers on the palette for a long lasting finish.

Senor Rio tequila is only made from 100% blue weber agaves that are all estate grown to keep the quality consistent.

The agaves are harvested by hand and slow cooked in traditional stone ovens.

Senor Rio tequila is only distilled twice to keep the true tequila flavor.

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