Last Tequila Standing: Silvercoin Tequila Neat


About Silvercoin Tequila

Mexico_horseplow_field, silvercoin tequilaSince 2005, SilverCoin Tequila’s singular goal is handcrafting the highest quality, smoothest finishing tequilas in the world made with organically grown 100% Blue Weber Agave. This goal started with an idea to improve on something that already exists. As a cantina owner in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Lee Pak noticed all tequila finished the same; with a burn. There wasn’t a 100% Blue Agave tequila that was smooth on the finish and could be enjoyed neat. He set out to make a tequila that showcased the sweet, fruity flavors and aromas of the Agave plant and was distilled using the desired middle section, or hearts, to yield a premium hand crafted tequila with a unique viscosity. And so, SilverCoin began…we embrace the traditions of Tequila and incorporate our unique style in the process.

Expert guidance and generations of experience from our master distiller, in addition to diligent efforts and undying meticulousness from our entire team, brought us our biggest accolade to date – Double Medal Gold Medal from the Internationally renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014. We are pleased to announce a Silver Medal win in 2015.

What makes Silvercoin Tequila Unique?

-Organically Grown 100% single sourced Blue Weber Agave
-Longer cook time in steam ovens
-Extended fermentation
-House-produced distilled water
-Only ‘hearts’ used from both distillations
-Twice distilled to proof with minimum water added to strength
-Superior flavor and aroma with a unique viscosity
-Hand-made bottles

Where does the name Silvercoin Tequila come from?

Our super premium tequila is produced by the highly-respected Grupo Tequilera in Mexico, with the trademark Silvercoin. A ‘silver’ style margarita, also known as a ‘coin’ margarita, is made with silver tequila and Cointreau. It’s referred to by both names depending on the area, and is known differently in parts of the country. There are different styles with varying recipe proportions depending on if you like it tart, sweet or boozy. Our Silvercoin margarita recipe (based on the classic style) is prepared individually in a shaker with our silver tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and Cointreau, served in a salt-rimmed glass.

If you’d like to find out more about our company, become a distributor of SilverCoin Tequila, or find out how your business can start carrying our flagship product please contact us.


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