Last Tequila Standing: Pavoneo Green & White


Pavoneo Tequlia sets a new standard for quality, craftsmanship, and taste.

We harvest the highest quality agave plants from the midlands of Mexico, trimming them very close to the heart, effectively eliminating the oily taste and texture that is native to the normal process. The agave is then ready for fermentation.

Our fermentation process is 5 times longer than the industry norm, requiring an innovative tank-cooling process that leads to the most full-bodied agave flavor possible.

After fermentation, our high-efficiency chilled filtration system removes any and all residue and particles from the tequila before bottling.

The taste of our Pavoneo Blanco Tequlia is the truest and purest form of a full body, natural tequila. Its high versatility for mixing in cocktails and smoothness for straight sipping make it a desirable and enviable product for casual drinkers and tequila connoisseurs alike.

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