Last Tequila Standing: Cuestion Tequila Diablo Rose


We at Cuestión Tequila believe that everything in life should be cuestioned, for it is the pursuit of wisdom, wonder and shared adventure that makes life itself worth living.

Founded in 2007 by Jose de Jesus Dominguez Figueroa and his partner Jose de Julio Marquez Ochoa, Cuestión Tequila is 500 years in the making. The ancient Aztecs of Jalisco, Mexico, masters of the alchemistic arts, were the first to distill the sweet nectar of the Blue Weber Agave plant into one of the world’s most cherished spirits.

Cuestión Agave

All tequila begins with one single ingredient; the agave plant. But not all agave is created equal. It takes nearly 10 years for each Blue Weber agave plant to age in the fields of Jalisco, Mexico, weathering brutal temperatures and unforgiving sun until it is strong and big enough to be considered “mature.”

While others choose instead to harvest plants after just 2 or 3 years, we cuestion the need to sacrifice quality for profit, and allow our plants to age fully in the earth. Hand-picked by los jimadores, noble farmers of the fields, each blade is sheared from the core in preparation for its journey.

Cuestión Cooking, Pressing and Fermenting

The next step in tequila distillation is the roasting of the jima or “pineapple” that remains when the agave’s leaves have been sheered from the stock.

It is cut in half and roasted for 72 two hours, undergoing two rounds of great pressure and high temperature, softening the fibers and caramelizing the plant’s natural sugars.

Every last drop of nectar is then pressed and fermented.

Cuestión Distillation

Our distillery is a masterful blend of art and science, where fire, steel and water transform our desert plants into rolling caldrons of liquid gold. What separates all spirits from their cousins, beer and wine, is distillation, which is the process of evaporating alcohol from the wort.

Some spirits, such as vodka and gin, should be distilled many times to extract only pure alcohol from the liquid, but the world’s finest tequilas are distilled only twice.

The essence of roasted agave, spices and rich flavors each plant has developed after 10 years in the ground should be cherished, and when it’s done well, double distillation tequila should be smooth and refreshing.

Cuestión Barrel Aging

We age our Tequilas 50% – 300% longer than almost any other premium tequila on the market, and there is no greater vessel in the world for aging distilled spirits than whiskey-cured, charcoal finished American Oak barrels.

We pride ourselves on importing ours from the best-known whiskey company in the world. In fact, when we first brought Cuestion Tequila to the United States, we did so in Tennessee, home of the world-famous Jack Daniels distillery.

Cuestión Partnerships

Jason and JesusOn a fateful visit to the white sand beaches of Playa del Carmen in the Summer of 2009, American importer, Jason Fandrich, had his first taste of Cuestión Tequila, and the rest, as they say, is history.

He sought out owners Jesus and Julio, and the trio began the process of exporting the product world-wide. In the Winter of 2011, their dreams became a reality, as their first case of product made its way across the US border and will soon be available world-wide.

Thank you for reading our story! If you would like to join us in our adventure, please feel free to contact us here through the website and tell your friends about us on Facebook and Twitter.

Until then, Cuestión Everything, friends! And stay tuned as our saga unfolds.



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