Last Tequila Standing: Casa ZG Sangrita


Casa ZG Sangrita

History of Sangrita

Sangrita has its origins more than 60 years ago, in the Lake Chapala region of Jalisco.

The first Sangrita was offered by the Sanchez family in their restaurant to accompany their home-made tequila; an artisanal tequila brewed according to traditional methods.

To lessen the impact of the strong smell and taste of the the home-made tequila, fresh orange slices, chile and salt were offered between tequila sips.

Over time, the juice of oranges, the chile and salt were combined to produce a drink whose red color would give it its legendary name, “Sangrita” (little blood).

Sangrita Now…

A new wave of tequilas were introduced in the 1990’s and with them an air of sophistication and a smoother taste. The experience of enjoying a tequila  is evolving from shooting a caballito to sipping it, there is no longer a need to lessen the impact and by slowing the process, Sangrita is becoming more of a companion to these new tequilas.

It has become an alternative beverage to enjoy. It is served in tequila flights, in cocktails, or in the most traditional manner, a “completo”. Sangrita will undoubtedly elevate your tequila experience.


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