Last Tequila Standing: Tributo Tequila


Heritage of Tributo Tequila

What makes a place, more than just a place?

Is it the beauty of its natural features? The traditions carried down by its people? Or the praise and recognition it receives from the rest of the world? For the Tierra de Agaves Distillery, and the home of Tributo Tequila, it’s all of these, and more.

The Location

It’s good to know where you come from. In the picturesque central-pacific of Mexico lies the colonial town of Tequila, and our home, Tierra de Agaves. The estate itself was founded in 2004 by Francisco Beckmann, though we’ve been working these grounds for over eight generations, as long as the history of Tequila itself. Our estate includes a vast agave reserve and our centrally-located distillery and bottling facility. Having every part of the Tequila making process in one place ensures that we can closely monitor every facet of its production—from the field, to the factory, to the bottle.

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