Last Tequila Standing: Tequila Alderete

About Tequila Alderete


It is well documented that the best agave in the world come from “Los Altos de Jalisco” or “the Highlands of Jalisco.” It is in this region, some 7,200 feet above sea level, that Tequila Alderete takes great pride in growing the best Blue Weber Agave in world. Because of this unique combination of micro-climate, soil, and altitude; our agaves develop complex characteristics, high sugar content, and flavors unlike any other agaves on the planet.

The result is the award winning spirit know as Tequila Alderete.


Tequila Alderete’s Agaves are cooked the traditional way in clay ovens. Where many of the large distilleries use stainless steel Autoclaves and cook the agaves for four to six hours giving the agave a bitter and unnatural taste. Tequila Alderete cooks our Agave slowly for up to 36 hours, allowing the Agave to keep its rich natural flavors and unique characteristics.


Tequila Alderete allows the agave juices to ferment slowly for 4-5 days, during this time Mozart classical music is played to give the yeast a relaxed atmosphere. The yeast are working hard to turn the agave sugars into alcohol.


Most alcohol stills that are used today are made out of either stainless steel or copper. Both are very good conductors of heat and both metals won’t put any bad chemicals into your final spirit. However, copper has one important advantage over all the other metals when distilling. It has been used for so many years because copper actually reacts with alcohol on a molecular level making the final spirit taste better and Copper is known for its ability to remove sulfides that are produced during the distilling process.


When you taste Tequila Alderete, you will immediately be able to distinguish our product from the large batch, mass produced products that line the store shelves. Tequila Alderete is hand crafted in small batches and distilled in copper pot stills to allow for the best possible flavors. Crafting our family Tequila is a hands-on process that is a delicate mix of science and art. There are many benefits to artisan distilling in small batches.

We craft our tequila in small batches so we have complete control over each and every bottle of Tequila Alderete that leaves the distillery. Fermentation, distilling, aging, and bottling are all completed under the direct supervision of the Alderete family. This type of oversight can only be maintained in small batches. It allows us to deliver the perfect Tequila so you can Sip Perfection.


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