Last Tequila Standing: Winners Announced!

What Last Tequila Standing Meant to Us

last tequila standing, winners, pavoneo, mi casa, alquimia, ekeco, senor rio, alma

Thank you for joining us here at Tequila Aficionado Media for the very first airing of Last Tequila Standing since it was filmed in 2011.  We’ve spent years building Tequila Aficionado into more than just a magazine, reviews, recipes or drinking show.  We wanted Tequila Aficionado Media to reflect all that is Tequila Culture – the land, the food, and all the people who love agave spirits from the newbs who still have the occasional shot to the seasoned sippers.  We continue to strive daily in that mission.

When we finally received permission from the creators of Last Tequila Standing to produce and air the show in its entirety, we felt we had taken one more step toward our goal.  Soon, we’ll be making yet another big announcement about continued growth here at Tequila Aficionado, but today we finally (after years of waiting) have the pleasure of announcing the winners of Last Tequila Standing.

So without further ado…


last tequila standing, winners, pavoneo, mi casa, alquimia, ekeco, senor rio, alma



The winners of Last Tequila Standing,

the first Tequila Reality Show:


302902_134382076669529_1443888204_nFirst Place: Alma de Agave Tequila

Second Place (tie): Mi Casa and Senor Rio Tequila

Third Place: Pavoneo Tequila


Organic Winners:

First Place: Alquimia Tequila

Second Place: Quinta de Gomez Tequila

Thank you to all the tequilas that were forward thinking enough to participate in Last Tequila Standing back in 2011.  Your continued presence in such a challenging market, four years later, makes you all winners.



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