Embajador Proclaimed Tequila Producer of the Year!

Bestowed Gold and Silver Awards at the First Annual Bar Business Spirits Competition

embajador, tequila, producer of the year, bar business magazineFor Immediate Release!

September 9, 2015, Austin, TX:  On August 16, 2015, at the First Annual Bar Biz Spirits Competition held during the Texas Bar & Nightclub Alliance Convention, Embajador Tequila was named Tequila Producer of the Year, capturing a gold medal for Embajador Premium Reposado, and garnering a silver medal for Embajador Supreme Añejo.

“We are thrilled, excited and proud to be recognized as ‘Tequila Producer of the Year’ by BarBiz Magazine,” beamed Andres Garcia, Regional Sales Manager and family member of Embajador.  “Our commitment as brand owners to our consumers, the industry and ourselves is that we will not cut corners or change how we produce Embajador Tequila.”

Reiterating the family’s mission of building a legacy, Garcia added, “Our goal is to have this same award winning tequila flavor profile and aroma for generations to come.”

The First Annual Bar Biz Spirits Competition was organized by the editorial and publishing staff of Bar Biz Magazine.  Almost 100 spirits and mixers were judged by an expert panel of trade buyers, rating the liquid by its category and actual retail price.
Within these criteria, Embajador Premium Reposado seized a gold medal while Embajador Supreme Añejo secured a silver prize.

“It is a privilege and an honor to have earned these medals,” declared Garcia.  “Quality over quantity has been our motto.  These awards symbolize what we as a family successfully accomplish–crafting quality tequila.”


Embajador is no stranger to brilliant accolades within the tequila category of the spirits industry.  In 2014 alone, it was voted gold and silver medallions at the famed Spirits of Mexico, as well as platinum, silver and bronze medals at the prestigious SIP Awards, both taking place in California.

The First Annual Bar Biz Spirits Competition followed a strict code for blind tastings.  The judges granted no awards to spirits that they themselves would not import, distribute, buy or sell in their own businesses and within the price categories.

“Thank you to BarBiz Magazine, and to all those involved for such amazing recognitions,” concluded Andres Gacia.

“We are striving to see Embajador Tequila reach national distribution so that we may all celebrate the arrival of the Ambassador!”


Add multi-award winning Embajador Tequila to your spirits portfolio, now! Contact Regional Sales Manager Andres Garcia at andres@embajadortequila.com, or call 469-216-0567.


embajador, tequila, producer of the year, bar business magazine


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