Abreojos Blanco Tequila Review

Mike & Alex taste and discuss Abreojos Tequila, the hidden scorpion, and why they feel it is a Brand of Promise.

abreojosFrom AbreojosTequila.com:

The name Abreojos comes from a little fishing village in Baja California Sur called Punta Abreojos. Abreojos translated from Spanish means “Open Eyes”. In this quiet little fishing village lies a pristine beach with a wrapping right hand point surf break. Not a highly traveled tourist destination, but more of a surf get away to avoid crowds at nearby spots or even the craziness of Southern California. Some believe that Punta Abreojos was named in the late 1500’s by Juan Cabrillo who led the first European expedition. Others believe that Fishermen named Abreojos for the Open Eyes they saw coming back in after fishing. What they saw were perfect breaking hollow waves, and the offshore winds spraying water into the air to resemble an eye with long lashes.

Most brands are expensive because you pay for the bottle instead of the tequila. It should be about what is in the bottle. Abreojos Tequila, favored by those looking for unparalleled smoothness, but preferred by aficionados for its incredible aromas and flavors. -Enjoy what you drink, and the people you are with.

Open your eyes and see the hidden scorpion

Open Your Eyes Responsibly


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