Demetrio Anejo Tequila Review, Take 2

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Demetrio Tequila

Demetrio Blanco is a luxury Tequila from creators at Ekeko Wine and Spirits.
Demetrio Blanco is a luxury Tequila from creators at Ekeko Wine and Spirits.

After over 40 years of making many great tequilas, Don Demetrio decided that he wanted to create his own masterpiece; the pinnacle of his work. After fine tuning and perfecting the formula, Don Demetrio passed away. His grandson, inspired by fond memories of spending time in the agave fields with him, felt passionate about continuing the dream by making this incredible spirit available to the world. Demetrio Tequila is pure Mexican spirit.

Demetrio Tequila is made in Amatitan, Jalisco; the birthplace of Tequila. Years ago, a particularly resistant indigenous group lived in this area and crafted tequila, or “vino mezcal” as it was called back then. They continued production of their spirit in spite of the Spanish rule against making any drink that could compete with Spanish brandy. The oldest remains ever found of a tequila distillery are located in Amatitan dating back to the 17th century.

Our process to create this incredible tequila has its roots in a history of love of the land, love of the agave and love of tequila. We cultivate and maintain our own agave fields in order to guarantee the pureness and treatment throughout their growth. Our process has been developed and perfected by three generations over a 60 year span and our spirit is infused with passion, dreams and love.

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