Don Lorenzo Reposado Reserva Tequila Review

don lorenzoDon Lorenzo of Cantina Mayahuel

Cantina Mayahuel, owned by Larry Auman “Don Lorenzo”, is a civilized cantina with old Mexico charm, providing education and information, about the culture, the process, the heritage and the passion involved in the making of tequila.

Tequila Don Lorenzo

Purchasing this tequila is a tricky business.  It involves a little bit of luck, a little strategy, and a little research. You have to get it as soon as a new lot is released because these small batches go very quickly and are often very limited runs.  The current Reposado Reserva available (with a paper label) is from NOM 1146 but, make no mistake, the Reposado Reserva we tasted here was from NOM 1445.

Tequila Don Lorenzo Reposado Reserva NOM 1445 Lot-002 on Tequila Aficionado’s Sipping Off the Cuff with Mike Morales and guest co-host Rick Levy.

Blending perfection in The Art of Tequila!

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