Last Tequila Standing – A Holiday Bingewatch

Looking for some fireworks to mix up at your barbeque this weekend?  Look no further than Last Tequila Standing!

Enjoy a healthy bingewatch of the first ever Tequila Reality Show and mix up some classic flavors to really wow your guests.

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About Last Tequila Standing

last tequila standing, adan y eva, alderete, alma, alquimia, Azuñia, Casa ZG, Crótalo, cuestion, don pilar, ekeco, Mañana, nature's agave, Pavoneo, Quinta de Gomez, pavoneo, RiAzúl, Sal del Mar, senor rio, Silvercoin, tributo, Vida, casa zgIn 2011, eighteen tequila start ups vied to be crowned the Last tequila Standing in the world’s first broadcast Tequila Reality Show.  
The creators of Last Tequila Standing only filmed one season back in 2011 and we were very limited in our access to the show’s materials. As this was not a Tequila Aficionado Media Production, we don’t expect to see another season but we’re thrilled that we were able to preserve these tequilas’ stories, personalities, and cocktails for posterity here at Tequila Aficionado Media.

Watch the whole Last Tequila Standing series here:

Or watch them in order, as they appeared initially on Tequila Aficionado:





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