Shaker & Spoon to Benefit Tequila Interchange Project

shaker-and-spoon-1 Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club is partnering with the Tequila Interchange Project for their upcoming October  ¡Viva Mezcal! Box, available online throughout September at

Russell Davis, Shaker & Spoon’s Chief Cocktail Officer and a celebrity in the spirits and bartending industry, will be creating one of the drinks from the October box and donating his royalty to the TIP organization.  Shaker & Spoon will be matching his donation.

shaker-and-spoon-2Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club is a monthly cocktail subscription box that is bringing the craft cocktail experience to your home with beautifully curated recipes and techniques for mixing the perfect drink, every time; enhancing the experience of drinking at home, on the go, or anywhere else. Think Blue Apron for cocktails.

tip-logoThe  Tequila Interchange Project   “is a non-profit organization and consumer advocacy group for agave distilled spirits comprised of bartenders, consultants, educators, researchers, consumers and tequila enthusiasts. Their organization advocates the preservation of sustainable, traditional and quality practices in the industries of agave distilled spirits. In light of concerning trends that are currently becoming mainstays in the production of agave distillates, TIP seeks to place a renewed emphasis on the importance of preserving the great heritage of agave distillation in Mexico”. [taken from Tequila Interchange Project

More About Shaker & Spoon

shaker-and-spoon-3Shaker & Spoon was launched to give you the knowledge and confidence to go beyond just pouring a glass of wine or opening a beer, Shaker & Spoon strives to give you the means to create the perfect mixed drink for any occasion. Each month’s 3 original recipes are based around a specific themed-liquor for that month [you provide the alcohol], so that all you need to make 12 delicious cocktails is their kit and one bottle of alcohol.

How Does It Work?

Each month Shaker & Spoon sends out a box with 3 step-by-step original recipes curated by top bartenders from around the world; with enough ingredients to make 12 cocktails [4 drinks from each recipe]. Every box is guaranteed  the highest quality ingredients to make the perfect cocktail, you provide the alcohol.

What Does It Cost?

$50 for month-to-month, or 3-months at $135 pre-pay, $250 for 6-month, $480 for 12-month –  skip or cancel anytime.

More About the Tequila Interchange Project

Tequila—and mezcal especially—has long been the domain of mostly small, family run distilleries, but, especially with the popularity of mezcal in recent years, large companies are coming in and starting to take over the production process and using their influence to stop these small farms and distillers from exporting their product as tequila or mezcal through government regulations. TIP is trying to preserve the rights of these small distilleries to continue doing what they’ve been doing for generations and keep mezcal a product of local distilleries rather than taken over by liquor conglomerates.




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