Giggling Marlin Reposado Tequila Review

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  • The oldest and original bar in Cabo San Lucas.
  • The title “World Famous” is justified from the global activity and clientele that Cabo San Lucas see’s as it is known as a destination hot spot for vacationers.
  • Patrons from all over the world have been in the bar and have already reached out to us inquiring about the products availability.
  • We just celebrated our 30th Anniversary in Cabo San Lucas (2014) so longevity is not a question in regards to our business practices.
  • We have spent numerous years searching for the best tasting, smoothest finishing product.
  • We know the area, we call it home, and we have built relationships in Mexico that are irreplaceable!
  • We want to supply a product that will have people asking for more and we feel we have that with Giggling Marlin Tequila.


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