Kimo Sabe Reposado Mezcal Review

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Kimo Sabe Mezcal Reposado: Rubedo

Flavor notes:

  • Rounded elegance
  • Roasted Almond
  • Madagascar Vanilla
  • Shaved toasted coconut
  • Honey chamomile tea
  • Christmas Spice finish

Story of alchemy and it’s use with our mezcal

Kimo-Sabe-Mezcal--241x300Kimo Sabe is muse to one’s imaginings, the start of a dream journey; Potentially an alchemical transformation as liquid turns your experience into gold. Don’t we all have a dream of being the next big hero? The common elements of a hero’s lifestyle are elegance, intrigue and a special kind of freedom bordering on mystic. Kimo Sabe speaks to that lifestyle.

The journey of the brand portrayed by the three levels of mezcal – Albedo, Rubedoand Azoth.

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