Hacienda Mercado Reposado Tequila Review

Mike and Alex taste and discuss Hacienda Mercado Reposado Tequila.

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From Hacienda Mercado 
Sipping off the Cuff | Hacienda Mercado Anejo http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4F3Our product preserves the history and tradition in its process of elaboration, in which a product of the best quality of exportation is obtained in a NATURAL way, without chemicals that accelerate the fermentation, to obtain products apocrifos that the people does not know even to distinguish, the costumers deserve respect and we deliver only quality, thanks to the technology and the utility of modern techniques, a product is obtained with high standards of quality, vouched for by the CRT (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) and the NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana).
The plant is chosen with a delicate sense of responsibility, matured by time, at the ideal moment to be harvested (JIMADA). It is transported back to its manufactures where it is again selected before it is cooked.
The boiling carries out in autoclaves where it does not loose any of its properties since it totally conserves the juices which are the base for the quality. The extraction of the juices by mechanical methods and the utilization of pure spring water, which emanates from the mountain, they guarantee the following step.
The juice which ferments in a natural way, at its own pace, at its own moment, guarantees the excellent quality of our product, that’s our secret to achieve the exellence and finesse. The alembics take care of extracting the maximum benefit, obtaining a really clean product, clear, and crystal with the but the highest standards given by our tequila masters, with 3 generations of experience. The procurement of a product that emphasize the respect for their consumers cannot be left unrecognized and recommended broadly, above all by the large experts that in a special way they recommend TEQUILA HACIENDA MERCADO.
The base to obtain an AÑEJO & REPOSADO is without doubt an execellent BLANCO, Which is obtained of the casks of oak tree the fragrance and bouquet in a natural way through time.
We recommend extensively to taste it to the RIGHT, traditional way (straight) in its shot glass, and that with confidence you say: I INVITE YOU A Tequila, IN A TRULY, EXCLUSIVE HORSE HEAD SHOT GLASS OF OUR BRAND, FOR THE MOST FINEST LIKINGS AND DELIGHT, NOT ONLY TASTE WISE BUT ALSO ITS APPEARANCE IN OUR PRESENTATION.



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