Women In The Tequila Industry | Anahí Rivera

*FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Dia de Los Muertos & Heartland Tour had to be vetted as Brand of Promise Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be on the tour.

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Building Casa 1921

Women In The Tequila Industry: Anahí Rivera http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4zZOne of the more prized and beloved tequila brands of the past twenty years has to be Casa 1921.

Following a series of mishaps, poor business deals, and just plain bad luck by the owners of the brand, Anahí Rivera came to work in Texas for Casa 1921.

She was a fresh-faced twenty-something marketing graduate straight out of university in Monterrey, Mexico.

Eleven years later, she is the Brand Manager and partner in the importation company, Casa 1921 LLC.  Anahí has practically single-handedly grown the venerable brand and regained its traction and following in 34 states.

Women In The Tequila Industry: Anahí Rivera http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4zZ

Here, Ms. Rivera also displays what other products she represents in her portfolio, which now includes Tequila Don Pilar.

We were proud to have had Casa 1921’s wildly popular and much sought after La Crema expression on both Tequila Aficionado’s 2015 Dia de los Muertos Tequila And Mezcal Tour, and 2016’s Heartland Tour.

A Tequila Aficionado First

Women In The Tequila Industry: Anahí Rivera http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4zZ

During a casual dinner at the Tequila Aficionado Test Kitchen, we asked Anahí Rivera our standard questions for the Women In The Tequila Industry collection.

And, in a Tequila Aficionado first, we present her videotaped responses to our questions, here, as read off camera by CMO, Lisa Pietsch.


TA:  How would you describe your experiences as a woman in a primarily male dominated industry?  (What are the challenges you face when dealing with the male dominated Tequila Industry?)

TA:  How have you been able to change things within the Tequila Industry?

TA:  What do you see as the future of women working within the Tequila Industry?

TA:  What facets of the Tequila Industry would you like to see change?

TA:  Do you approve of how Tequila brands are currently marketing themselves?

TA:  Is there anything you’d like to say to women who may be contemplating entering and working in the Tequila Industry in one form or another?

TA:  (Bonus Question)–What can Tequila Aficionado do to help consumers understand the value that goes into a bottle of craft tequila?

Hint:  Education is key.

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