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Alex Perez:  I am Alex Perez

Mike Morales:  I am Mike Morales

Alex Perez:  And you are watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com.

Mike Morales:  What have we got tonight?

Alex Perez:  It looks like the Tequila bottles are taking over the set.

Mike Morales:  Do you get the feeling that we are getting crowded out by some beautiful Tequila.

Alex Perez:  We are getting crowded

Mike Morales:  Take a look at the presentation, this is by the way, Embajador Tequila

Alex Perez:  Beautiful presentation

Mike Morales:  Beautiful presentation, for those of you who are Espanically impaired, it means ambassador Tequila.  As we go through this tasting, we will give you some idea of what the graphics are all about.  But take a look at, we have all 3 varieties, we have all 3 marks.  We are going to do each of these individually.  But, we wanted to show it all to get a good look at what the bottles will look like.

Alex Perez:  Let us focus on, El blanco

Mike Morales:  El blanco.

Mike Morales:  Every box has a story of where the symbols come from, what they are all about.  This is a family owned brand.  Everybody involved in this brand is family.  I have met the young couple that, Andres Garcia and his wife that are distributing and importing.  Andres has an alcohol background, worked for a distributor in Southern California.  His wife’s family are involved in this Tequila.  And so, he is again, on the grassroots with this particular brand.

But, take a look at that presentation.

Alex Perez:  Presentation, it is awesome. It’s awesome.

Mike Morales:  Isn’t that beautiful, very substantial bottle.

Alex Perez:  Heavy duty bottle, yeah.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Blanco [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4VFMike Morales:  Synthetic cork, and the blanco, just to give you some information on this, it is from Atotonilco, so it is a highlands Tequila from 1509.  My understanding when I spoke to the young couple, that at one point they were in conversations with Maria Romero Mena who is a wonderful Maestra Tequilera.  I am not sure if she is working with them, but she has scrutinised this Tequila.

So, they had a lot of promise, so we have pre-poured the blanco.  The interesting thing is, double distilled blanco.

Alex Perez:  Double distilled.

Mike Morales:  They rest it in stainless steel tanks, so it is rested about 40 days before they decide to bottle it.  We are going to take a look at it now.  It is very clean.  It is a nice clean blanco, as you can see from the bottle.  You will be able to tell what you are getting when you take a look at this bottle.

The decals, the graphics are of course applied decals.  And,

Alex Perez:  Good looking

Mike Morales:  Very nice tears, very simple.  Oh, yeah very nice.

Alex Perez:  Smells good.

Mike Morales:  It has got some rich tears.

Alex Perez:  Yeah, I am sorry, I am past the tears already, but yes it does.

Mike Morales:  Looks nice.

Alex Perez:  It has got some good clarity in it.  Yeah, has got some nice thick tears.  And the nose on this is very…

Mike Morales:  Wow, wow, wow, that is different.  It is really aromatic.  But, you know it is a highlands Tequila so it will be floral, the notes tell us that this is.

Alex Perez:  You’re lost Mike, you are lost here.

Mike Morales:  There are herbal notes, yeah I am a little lost, but, I think I am enchanted by the notes.

Alex Perez:  What is nice, they sent us some good information.  They were pretty well prepared on what they are doing.  But,

Mike Morales:  This is a single estate Tequila also,

Alex Perez:  Single estate Tequila, it is a very refined nose.  Get some hints of herbs, ooh, I have got a little bit of mint.  Which they do say, it has got some mint in there.

Mike Morales:  Fruits, floral and herbs and I got some citrus in it at the beginning and now I am getting some flowers.

Alex Perez:  It is a real complex nose, wow.  You should try this when you are sipping Tequilas especially in a glass like this.  You definitely want to, you know, you tip the glass all three ways and do the funny stuff that Mike is doing right now.

Mike Morales:  I go left brain, right brain, so, you will see me switch from one side to the other.

Alex Perez:  And you will really be able to get the nuances, because sometimes you will say, “yeah, we can smell this” and you are like, “what?”

And that is because we are really seeking for any type of nuance that we can find and announce.

Mike Morales:  This glass that we are using, really lends itself to be able to turn sideways almost flat.  Because at times, it is really what it takes to get something from the layers of the Tequila depending on the complexity.

Alex Perez:  And so that isSipping Off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Blanco [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4VF

Mike Morales:  Do not be afraid to

Alex Perez:  It is a very refreshing nose.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, wow!

Alex Perez:  Like a real fresh clean nose.

Mike Morales:  It is bright.

Alex Perez:  Citrus, yeah, citrus.

Mike Morales:  it is really bright.

Alex Perez:  Citrus.

Mike Morales:  I am tasting it.

Alex Perez:  Yeah, my mouth is actually watering.  Wow, spittoon.

Mike Morales:  I am sorry, we are spitting as is our custom.  We are doing a lot of these tonight and if you are doing flights at home, we recommend that you do not be afraid to spit and sip and spit.

Mike Morales:  There is like a herbal circus in my mouth, man.  There is some really neat stuff going on in there.  The complexity of the nose really translates to the mouth.

Alex Perez:  There is a lot going on in there.

Mike Morales:  There is a complexity with this Tequila

Alex Perez:  I am trying to pinpoint the different flavors there in my mouth.  It is very pleasant, like really coats the palate very well.  It has almost like a sweet taste to it.

Mike Morales:  Little bit of cinnamon, I am getting on the flavor profile.

Alex Perez:  On the hot side.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I am not getting much pepper, but I am getting cinnamon.

Alex Perez:  I got some sweetness on my palate.  Very pleasant blanco.

Mike Morales:  Wow, I am impressed.

Alex Perez:  It is very nice, I am excited to taste their other flavors.

Mike Morales:  Yeah this is again, it is a family run business.  Family owned brand, everybody involved from Andres’s wife, to the people that handle their social media, is all family.  Every symbol that you see on the bottle represents something that the family has used as their trademarks.  For instance, the eye here you see, right up in there.  Maybe you will be able to see it if I can get any closer.  That is called the, yeah the eye is a branding iron symbol created by the owner’s grandfather in the 1930’s to brand his cattle.

So, you see the feathers here, they call it the pinachos, is a headgear that is made of feathers and it is worn among the indigenous people of Mexico.  So, it distinguishes the upper classes.  So, right away you know where they want to place this Tequila.

And of course, this is the version of Mayahuel in the back and we all know that she is the goddess of, you know, fertility and representative of agave in general.  This is 100% agave Tequila folks.

It is a nice, nice presentation, very elegant bottle, very substantial and the Tequila, I think is very substantial also.

Alex Perez:  It is an excellent blanco.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, I think it is a Brand of Promise for Tequila Aficionado.

Alex Perez:  Most definitely.

Mike Morales:  I am very impressed, this is a, I think it is really a good representative of the Atotonilco area.  So, if you see this brand, I know it is available, hopefully soon in Southern California.  I believe it is available in Texas also and if I am not mistaken, Arizona as well.

So, it is a growing brand, support these people, take a look at them on facebook and Twitter.  Really exciting, I am excited.

Alex Perez:  I like it.

Mike Morales:  I am really pleasantly surprised, and I am Mike Morales.

Alex Perez:  And Alex Perez, look for Embajador Tequila out there and you have been watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com.  And, as always, sip wisely.

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