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Sipping Off the Cuff | Diva Tequila [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4XxAlex: You’re watching “Sipping Off the Cuff” at TequilaAficionado.com, I am Alex Perez in Southern California.

Mike: I am your local Diva here in San Antonio, Mike Morales. This is our first infused tequila on “Sipping Off the Cuff”. As you can tell we have actually drank a lot of this because our COO Lisa Pietsch has taken it upon herself to be a big fan of Diva and we have recipes on baking with Diva Tequila. She has a Diva Tequila cupcake on the website. You can find it on the website and in our Pinterest page. Check it out, it’s sugar free and it’s outstanding. It’s really good. But look at the… Check it and show your bling.

Alex: Look at my bling.

Mike: Look at that. Check that out, man. That’ll look good with your grill.

Alex: I guess they encourage people to buy and drink and collect this. So they can turn it into something…

Mike: Well, this particular brand, the brand owners, Larry Large is one of three brand owners and I think you and I talked about Penasco Tequila. You can find that review here on “Sipping Off the Cuff” at TequilaAficionado.com. This is a signature brand for them, the story goes that Larry Large’s daughter at the time she was a little girl, she’s much older now but apparently he wanted something that would attract the female audience so the little girl says “I wanna design the bottle, daddy”. So she takes all these samples of perfume bottles from her mother and then she took a little bit of here, a little bit of there.  Of course it was a rough drawing his little girl had done, Larry had it taken to a designer, to clean it up and this is what he came up with. And you can see it, it’s very cool, it’s nice and tall. It’s got on the bottom here, apparently the story goes at one of the other owner’s wife consider herself a Diva and I think that was how they wanted to design their tequila and each of their initials are on the bottom of the bottle, so it’s very symbolic, it means a whole lot for them and the family. They run contests, you can find them on Facebook, but they run a contest about promoting your Diva moment (#mydivamoment). So this is a citrus infused tequila, it is colored.  It is a certified color allowed by the normas.

Alex: Very light.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Diva Tequila [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4XxMike: Yeah, it’s not very, very, dark, at all.

Yeah, it almost, if you are not careful you don’t even notice it and you can see it down the bottle even the cork, the synthetic cork is pink. I mean, every little detail on this brand is very particular, it’s very meaningful to the partners and they’ve been really generous with us at Tequila Aficionado. And like I’ve said, Lisa is a whiz in the kitchen so a lot of recipes include Diva or she’s experimenting to see which one works and which one failed. Yeah, so wow.

Alex: Nice legs on the glass too.  Wow, very different.  Not what you’d expect in a blanco, if you will.

Mike: Yeah, I don’t even know what are they considering this, this says silver tequila.

Yeah, it would be like a silver and it would be considered a blanco. It would be an infused blanco.

Mike: It says citrus infused, they call it Diva Platinum.

Alex: It’s got an interestingnose.  Citrus, obviously citrus nose.

Mike: But it’s almost like a bitter citrus, it’s almost like a bitter… there’s a little bit of bitterness.

Alex: Grapefruit.

Mike: There you go.

Alex: And orange together I think.

Wow, it’s very interesting.

Mike: We’ve got to spit, folks.  We can’t drink all of this stuff.

Alex: It’s a…

Mike: I was going to say you and I don’t do a lot of infusions.  You know, you may have more than I have, but the house infusions you get it in a bar sometimes or stuff with jalapeños and tropical fruit and that stuff. My thinking is that if you focus back in our Penasco Blanco review we were really big fans of the blanco, it’s a nice beefy blanco and my thinking is this is the same blanco but they are infusing it, so that completely changed the flavor profile because the beefiness of the blanco is there but there is a… the orange is not a sweet orange, to me it’s like a bitter orange, like you’ve said, like a grapefruit, like a Ruby Red.

Alex: Yeah, almost like orange and grapefruit almost together.

Mike: Yeah, maybe even a lime, it may have a little bit of lime on it. Not lemon because it would be too sour.

Alex: It’s neat tequila and I will tell you why. Good for sipping, not necessary a profile I like because my flavor is not that profile but do you know what it reminds me of? This reminds me of triple sec. Triple sec, almost leaning towards a Grand Marnier. This would be great on the rocks. Because it’s got the viscosity, the coating on the palate, the infused flavor would be great on the rocks. Like I’ve said on it, if you like this flavor profile, I think it would be great on rocks. I love Grand Marnier on the rocks.  So it’s very similar, make a margarita or even float this. Make a margarita with your Penasco and float the diva on top.

Mike: Well, there we go.

Alex: Just thinking out loud.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Diva Tequila [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4XxMike: The other thing that we were discussing. Lisa and I were discussing off camera was this almost reminds me of the Squirt Paloma, the traditional Paloma, this is almost like a Paloma in a bottle. And it’s like you’ve said, on the rocks, it’s like, you don’t have to bother with the Squirt because (Squirt is a grapefruit soda) I mean there’s no bubbles in it.

Alex: And there’s sugar in it too. So this would be a “skinny Paloma”.

Mike: Skinny Paloma, Oh my God, we’ve just coined, it’s ours, we get scents every time you say it, “skinny Paloma”.

Alex: “Skinny Paloma”.

Mike: It’s a “Skinny Paloma”.

Mike: You can see that you can have a lot of fun with this. Like I’ve said, it’s a great meaningful brand to the brand owners. My understanding is that it’s available now in Arizona, parts of Texas, I’m not sure…

Alex: This is like a necklace.

Mike: Yeah, this looks like a doorknob. You know, my great aunt had a house in L.A. with… remember the all crystal door knobs in the cabinet knobs? That’s what it looks like but it’s faceted, like it even says Diva on it I think, does it say Diva on the inside?

Alex: Yeah.

Mike: Yeah, it does. It says Diva right there, do you see?

Alex: Very cool.

Mike: Yeah, it’s a very cool, I would say so, I think it’s kinda fun.

Alex: I would add a glorifier on it with the light going through.

Mike: I am not sure… well you have a glorifier. What does it look like with the light on?

Alex: I will try the glorifier.

Mike: But, you know, do you wanna see your Diva with the lights on or the lights off?

Alex: That’s what the diva looks like.

Mike: Check it out!

Alex: The top light is up.

Mike: Yeah!

Alex: The top lights up.  Did you see that?

Mike: It almost looks like the Luxor.

Alex: That’s cool.

Mike: Check you out man.

Diva, put the light on it.

Alex: Put the light on your Diva.

Mike: You know… Alex this is not a repulsive, I mean you and I had regular tequilas that were just horribly repulsive, but this one doesn’t, you know, it’s almost refreshing. I have to agree with you.

Alex: It’s a drink in the bottle.

Mike: Yeah.

Alex: It’s a cocktail in the bottle.

Mike: Yeah, a cocktail in the bottle.

Alex: A Diva cocktail in the bottle.

Mike: What do you think for our first infused tequila, do you think it should be a Brand of Promise with us?

Alex: I think so.

Mike: You know, like you’ve said it’s not something we’ve tried, or you and I would probably go looking for. You can take this to a birthday party, a barbecue or friend’s.  It would be a nice gift.

Alex: Yeah, it smells like a cocktail.

Mike: Like I’ve said it’s almost like a Paloma. It’s a skinny Paloma.Sipping Off the Cuff | Diva Tequila [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Xx

Alex: Yeah. Well you heard it here first.

Mike: The skinny Paloma, we want 10 cents every time you say it. We’re trade marking it tomorrow.

Alex: You’ll take 5?

Mike: Well, you take 5 and I take 5. We’ve got to take 10 for you to get 5, anyway.

Alex: Look for Diva, I don’t know, where did you say that it was available?

Mike: I said it was in Arizona, I believe if it’s not in Nevada, it will be shortly, it’s in Texas also.

Alex: Nevada would be a good fit for bars.

Mike: Obviously.

Alex: You need the glorifier.

Mike: Well, Bradley Large and the brand owners have a program.  They hand out cards that say “Diva Moment”. They do particular promos specifically geared to women. And I’ve gotta tell you, this is one of the most elegant, one of the more… better ways to attract a female audience I think, I think they’re on the right track with this, I think it’s a brand of promise for infused tequilas.

Alex: And it’s not a phallic symbol.

Mike: Yeah, thank Goodness. Yeah, it’s gimmicky in kind of all the right ways, instead of gimmicky in all the wrong directions.

Alex: I hear ya.

Mike: By the way, that’s our take on Diva, I think it’s a Brand of Promise.

Alex: Sure, it’s definitely a Brand of Promise.

Mike: I had fun with it.

Alex: I think this is probably the first marketing that I’ve seen that would be good to attract the female population and they would have fun with it. And you know what too, I think that it’s geared toward a young crowd, obviously the legal crowd.

Mike: Right. You know if it does make in Las Vegas and bottle service, can you imagine showing this bottle off on your table?

Alex: You know what these guys have to do? They have to give Mariah Carey a bunch of this stuff and have her talk about it. The Diva.  One of those Diva ladies.

Mike: Yeah, Celine Dion, who’s in Vegas these days?

Alex: I Mariah Carey.

Mike: Mariah Carey.

Alex: I can see her making a ring out of this thing right here.

Mike: I think that I’ve seen it.

Actually wearing that…

I think her husband, Nick Cannon, actually gave her something like that already.

Alex: It’s already done.

Mike: Well, we’re always late to the party.

Alex: I’m Alex Perez and you’re watching “Sipping Off the Cuff” on TequilaAficionado.com and, as always, sip wisely.

Watch Sipping off the Cuff | Penasco Tequila Plata (Blanco) here.


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