New Tequila Aficionado Podcast

Tequila Aficionado Podcast Your Tequila (Podcast) With You

Just as you realize we aren’t sitting around all day drinking tequila (no, really, we aren’t), we realize you’re on the go too and that means you want to take your Tequila Aficionado Media with you.  That’s why we’re bringing back the podcast!

We’ve been knocking ourselves out over the past few years to take things up a notch and make Tequila Aficionado content more valuable to you and available on all platforms.

Tequila Aficionado Podcast Podcast is Back!

Tequila Aficionado Podcast Aficionado began as a podcast back in 1999 and then we moved to the Vodpod video platform.  In the past three years, we’ve taken it to YouTube, YouTube Red, the Maker Studios Channel, and Blab.

Old School Podcast

Tequila Aficionado Podcast we’re taking it back to old school tech and we’ll be bringing you the complete library (471 so far) of Tequila Aficionado audio and video via podcast through syndication on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes.
Look for more podcasts coming daily!


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