Dos Almas Cinnamon Tequila Review

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Before reading the details of each of our products we believe it is worth showing you the intricate attention to the details of our very first harvest and production. These are notes of the entire process taken by Emilio De Soto. He wrote the notes in Spanish with only a few points in English. Very few brands are able to list such details because very few know this much about their own products.

NOM 1137
Producción Numero Uno (Production Number One)
Agave: Azul tipo Weber Organico (Agave: Organic Blue Weber)
Municipio: Tepatitlán, Los Altos, Jalisco (Municipality: Tepatitlán, The Highlands Region, State of Jalisco)
Jima: Oct. 23, 2015 – Nov. 2, 2015 (Harvest Dates)
Jimador Principal: Femin Garcia (Head Harvester)
Agricultor: Miguel Galindo (Agriculturist)
Placas de Camiones de Transporte: 518 DP7 y JT41586 (License Plates on Trucks that transported the harvest)
Carga de Hornos #154 y #156: October 27, 3015 – Nov 3, 2015 – hornos de ladrillo y piedra. ( Loading of Ovens #154 & #156: Agave steam cooked at ambient pressure in giant masonry hornos ovens for 36-38 hrs @ 90⁰-105⁰C (194⁰-221⁰F). Dual fans cooked agaves.)
Molienda: Nov. 9, 2015 – molino de tornillo (Extraction: Chipper (rather than roller mill) & 2 Extractors (mechanical screw & spike mills aka: extruders rather than usual shredders). All have water injectors.)
Fementacion: Nov. 9, 2015 natural al aire libre (Fermentation: Nov, 9, 2015 natural wild air-borne yeast)
Primera Destilación: en tina Nov. 13, 2015 acero inoxidable con bobina de cobre (First Distilation: Nov. 13, 2015 stainless steel vat with copper coil)
Segunda Destilación: Nov. 15. 2015 (Second Distillation)
Traspaso para filtración: Nov. 17, 2015 (Filtration date)
Envaso de 55 Plata: Dec. 10, 2015 botellas enjuagada con la misma tequila (Bottling date of 55 Plata: Dec. 10, 2015, prerinsed with the very same tequila)
Traspaso al Baril: Dec. 11, 2015 (Barreling date: Dec. 11, 2015)
Infusión del Tequila con miel de agave organica y varas de canela tipo Ceylon de Indonesia: Feb 12, 2016 (Infusion of Tequila with organic agave nectar and organic Indonesian Ceylon cinnamon sticks
Periodo de Infusión: 2 semanas (Period of Infusion: 2 weeks)
Traspaso para filtración: Marzo 1, 2016 (Filtration date)
Envaso de Reposado Canela: Marzo 15, 2016 (Bottling date of Cinnamon Tequila Liqueur)

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