Allaire Privee Aged Crystal Tequila Review

From the Allaire Privee Website:

Sipping off the Cuff | Allaire Privee Aged Crystal Tequila Privee Tequila: Inspired by the je ne sais quois of the glamorous lifestyle from the Cote d’Azure Allaire Privée in targeting discerning spirit connoisseurs. The founder’s priorities were to create a complex and perfect relationship between interior and exterior, balancing and uniting it, without compromise to achieve it.  Investing in R&D, quality and attention to detail were key elements of the development of the collection, which also includes a vodka from Poland and rum from Barbados. Allaire’s innovations in spirit production is what the creators hope leads to an elevation in luxury spirits that reflects their opulent lifestyle and characteristic style.

Aged Crystal Tequila: The super-premium Allaire Crystal Aged Tequila comes from 100% select Blue Tequilana Weber Agaves from the Los Altos Region in Jalisco, Mexico. The production includes slow cooking at lower temperatures for at least 48 hours to achieve a balance of sweetness and true agave flavor. Produced in small batches using only the heart of the distillation, Allaire is free of any additives aimed at respecting its true essence.  The spirit is then aged at least 6 months in Bourbon Oak Casks and then filtered with a proprietary process to give it a characteristic crystal tone.

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