Embajador Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

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Alex Perez: Hi there, I’m Alex Perez.

Mike Morales: I am Mike Morales.

Alex Perez: And you are watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com and we’re continuing our series.

Mike Morales: Yes in Embajador which in Spanish means Ambassador.  Again it is a family owned brand, fairly new.  I think it is about ready to be picked up in Southern California and it is available in Arizona and parts of Texas.

Alex Perez:  We tasted the Blanco which we were impressed by.

Mike Morales:  Pleasantly surprised. I think that it would be a good Brand of Promise nominee for the Blanco category from us at Tequila Aficionado and now we have got the Reposado.  So what we know about the Reposado is, let me look at my/our notes here.

Alex Perez:  Handy dandy notes.

Mike Morales:  My handy dandy notes from these folks.  A wonderful couple, Andres Garcia and his wife.  Everybody involved in the tequila is family including the folks who are taking care of the social media as well so reach out, say “Hi” to them.  They are very accessible.  This is a premium Reposado and it has rested for eight months in American oak barrels.  So it is an eight month Reposado which means that they are not, this has got a really deep colouring though.  It has like a golden color.

Alex Perez:  It has a nice gold color to it and you saw me earlier sneaking a little smell.  It smells really good.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, we were very pleasantly surprised with the Blanco.  Just for the sake of transparency I have had the Blanco before in champagne flutes and I did not get the notes that I got from using our tools here, our Tequila Glasses.

Alex Perez:  It has got some nice legs, some nice viscosity to the tequila.  And the nose, you got caramel.

Mike Morales:  But you know what though.  You are not losing.  There is agave in there.  You are not losing, it is coming through, yes.  It is very prominent.  Wow, oh yeah, but there is that caramel for sure.

Alex Perez:  There’s other goodies in there.

Mike Morales: The Blanco was spicy, herbal and citrusy so what I got just in the nose itself was the agave citrus notes.

Alex Perez:  There is supposed to be some other, it might be a little bit of banana now.  I don’t know if you get that.

Banana.  Mmm.

Mike Morales:
 Did you taste it already?

Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Y5Mike Morales:  Mmm.  (Laughs) Excuse me while I spit.

Alex Perez: Wow, that is a nice Reposado.

Mike Morales:  According to the notes there is vanilla, caramel, maple and coffee.  I didn’t get any coffee but I did get the maple.

Alex Perez:  Definitely the maple.

Mike Morales:  Vanilla for sure and caramel right off the bat actually but what I was really impressed with is that there was still the agavic characteristics that we pointed out in the blanco are still prominent.  I think it is pretty well balanced, don’t you?

Alex Perez: Well balanced and the taste is still lingering in my mouth so it has got a nice long taste to it.  It is very pleasant Reposado.

Mike Morales:  Now, Alex got some banana.

Alex Perez:  I got some banana in the nose.

Mike Morales:  It claims to have…

Alex Perez:  There is something else in there.

Mike Morales: It claims to have cherry, lime.  I got more citrus from it than I got the banana but it was, I recognised it right after that because it was the same bouquet that I got from the Blanco.  There is really good complexity on this tequila.

Alex Perez:  Beautiful nose and the mouth feel is just amazing.

Mike Morales:  Wow here we go.  For those of you aficionados who are a little more advanced and are aware of regions and terroir I would say this is a really good interpretation of the Atotonilco area, Atotonilco micro climate or the highlands.

Alex Perez:  Very nice.

Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Y5

Mike Morales:  Yeah it is really beautifully balanced too because if you look at the color sometimes you might think that the barrel might take over but it really does not.

Alex Perez: Got a beautiful nose.  I can taste the vanilla and maple in the mouth.

Mike Morales:  American oak barrels.  I would venture to say at this point and I don’t have verification of this but we have been through the safeties of virgin barrels only because of the colour of the Reposado but I will verify that probably when we do the text, when we do the follow up, which will probably be done by Ryan Kelly who writes a lot of our reviews for us at TequilaAficionado.com but wow again a surprise.  A surprise for me.

Alex Perez:  Definitely a contender.

Mike Morales:  Another Brand of Promise contender for Reposado category. Embajador Tequila you will be able to find it I’m sure in Arizona, hopefully soon in southern California, I know they are working on it at this time we are filming they are working on that and parts of Texas as well so look for it.  It is definitely a great sipping tequila and worth your time and effort to find it.

I am Mike Morales.

Alex Perez:  And Alex Perez.

You are watching “Sipping off the cuff” we are trying Embajadhor Tequila.  It is for us a nominee for Brand a Promise and as always, sip wisely.


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