Ghost Tequila Review

In this episode of Sipping Off the Cuff, Mike Morales and Rick Levy taste and discuss the latest tequila infusion, Ghost Tequila, infused with the infamous Ghost Pepper.

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From the Ghost Tequila Website:Sipping Off the Cuff | Ghost Infused Tequila

Ghost Tequila is a glimpse of the possibilities that wait for us in the dark of night. It’s a celebration of the unknown, the surreal, and what lies ahead. Like a match struck in the dark, Ghost is the spark of excitement that runs down the spine after the lights go out.

A mysterious fusion of ghost peppers and 100% agave tequila, Ghost will fill you with fire—a brief, transfixing possession that’ll leave you bone-chilled and breathless. Whether you’re getting your kicks in a seedy dive or holding court with the chic and refined, Ghost is the perfect fuel for whenever the spirit strikes.

It all started with a Boston bartender. In 2011, Chris was working at a new tequila bar with 120 different tequilas that very few people wanted to drink. His solution: create a tequila shot that would grab attention, taste great, and go down easy. Through this process he realized that guests were looking for a little more spice in their night…and their drinks. The result was a ghost pepper infused shooter that became a reason to visit his bar.

And with that, Ghost was born–an affordable tequila so smooth that even the person with the worst spring break tequila story would enjoy. From at-home experimentation to distilling in Mexico, the hero of our story perfected the recipe that’s igniting shots and cocktails alike.

When you consider how many brands are brainstormed in a boardroom, a tequila born in a bar sounds a little crazy. But what began as a bartender’s passion project has exploded onto the scene. And through everything, our service industry roots remind us that we’re here to entertain guests, inspire bartenders, and serve a tequila that leaves you with memorable nights…without mornings of regret.


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